Friday, July 1, 2011

Zero Moment of Truth

Google has recently released a new eBook, "ZMOT" - the "Zero Moment of Truth" by Jim Lecinski, the Managing Director of US Sales & Service and Chief ZMOT Evangelist.  Adding to the discussion around collaborative commerce and the evolving relationship between consumers and brands, this is a timely resource from one of the largest and arguably most influential entities today.  The download features strategies to win in a shifting marketing landscape and eye opening statistics that may impact your consumer facing as well as listening strategies.

Tara DeMarco at BaazarVoice does a nice job of summarizing 5 big ideas from the white paper in a recent post "Winning the Zero Moment of Truth".   In short:

1. Embrace pre-shopping as part of buying.
2. Your brand is what customers say it is.
3. Conversation is a real-time focus group.
4. Stop interrupting; be there when shoppers need you
5. Serve shoppers, or your competitors will.

The next decade will prove to be an exciting one as more proven tactics and best practice case studies emerge!


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