Friday, July 1, 2011

Social Circles

Google has been up to a lot this week.  Most excitedly, they announced the beta launch of Google+ in direct competition to Facebook.  The difference with this social network is the inclusion of "social circles" in which you can create your own, smaller more personal and private communities.  Therefore you can separate what the group of friends you hung out with on Saturday night sees from a client you just didn't feel comfortable "declining" as a friend.

Image via The New York Times

The service will also offer group chat, similar to GroupMe, making sharing + connecting that much easier between you and your network.  Will Google+ actually make a dent in Facebook?  Or will it fall in the bucket of previous efforts such as Wave or Buzz?  Only time will tell, but many are saying this is their best try yet.


Beth said...

Lots of great posts coming out about the differences and advantages of Google+ like the link at the bottom of this comment (definitely worth the read). One very provocative point of view regarding its impact on businesses specifically:

"Google’s unique ability to finally tie search and social together in one package will force the hand of business, making Google + the place to be for interaction between companies and their customers." Talk about collaborative commerce!

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