Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A New Economy?

Last week we organized a Simulcast of TED Global taking place in Scotland.  The day was filled with incredible "ideas worth spreading."  One that stood out came from a man named Kevin Slavin, an "algoworld" specialist who has an incredible ability to understand "culture physics" or the correlations and numbers that increasingly determine the information that we consume.  While his presentation is not posted on the site just yet, he did inspire us to do a little bit of research on him and his company Area/Code - which recently joined Zynga New York.

We were excited to stumble across their work, not only because it is entirely inspiring, but also because it wonderfully exemplifies "Game-a-fication" or "Game Theory."  Macon Money in particular stole our attention, and apparently not just ours, it recently won the FutureEverything award for outstanding innovation in art, society and technology - how fun!

Described as a "community-wide social game [that] uses a new local currency and builds person to person connections while supporting local businesses" the initiative is funded by the by the John L. and James S. Knight Foundation.  We highly suggest that you read a bit more about it here and look to see similar efforts on the horizon.


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