Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Whole Foods and McDonalds; Making Changes for the Kids

Whole Foods also recently announced their "Whole Kids Foundation" which seeks to increase produce consumption in children and reduce childhood obesity.  While they have already given considerable donations to organizations such as Lunchbox.org, they are now working on initiatives that include "campus teaching gardens."  Very cool!  What better way for kids to learn (and love) fresh food than to make it themselves.  Kudos!
 In related news, we have heard a lot about Happy Meal bans over the last year and multiple conversations regarding the content of these meals.  In fact, it seems to be more mainstream to expect fast food companies to own up to their part in the problem of childhood obesity and begin to offer solutions.  Today, McDonald's took a step in that direction by publicly announcing a shift in their Happy Meal offering.   The new effort is expected to start in September and reach 14,000 stores by April as MediaPost reports.

In addition to reducing the amount of potatoes (from 2.4 ounces down to 1.1 ounces) they are reducing sodium by 20% and "will work toward additional reductions in sugars, saturated fat and calories by 2020."  Each improved Happy Meal will still cost the same but also include a healthy side dish;  apple slices, carrots, raisins, pineapple slices or mandarin oranges. 


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