Friday, May 6, 2011

Volunteering for the time starved

Ever find yourself with a few minutes to spare while you're waiting in line at a packed movie opening or a busy restaurant?  Ever wanted to use some of that time to share your skills to help support the causes you care about most?  

If you are familiar with "The Extraordinaries" app, you already know there is a way for even the busiest of us to give back.  Now the product has focused on Sparked, the next evolution of this innovative way to volunteer.  

The site takes you through a short series of questions to address the causes you care about most and offer specific skills to get involved.  (Of course these smart folks have integrated social media into the system, allowing you to see who else has similar skills and interests).

Once you've signed in, you are given a challenge.  They are simple and less time involved, so you are able to "microvolunteer" when its most convenient for you.  For example, I entered "Education" for a cause, and "Marketing" as a skill.  The first challenge I was given was to provide feedback on a non-profit website.  In addition to providing my own advice, I can read others and give a "thumbs up" to other site volunteers' suggestions - very cool.

Such a smart way to make volunteering tangible, convenient and catered to one's skills.  Check it out for yourself when you have a spare moment and let us know what you think!


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